Smile Designing

Your smile is as personalized as your signature and can make or break that critical first impression. Your smile is a statement about who you are.keep smiling

Cosmetic Dental Treatment / Smile Designing

a€¢ Any treatment that will improve the way your teeth or gums appear. Enhancing your simile is cosmetic dental treatment / smile designing. With many advances in dentistry there may be some procedures that can help improve your smile.

a€¢ Herea€?s a review and some parts of comparison between some of the types of cosmetic dentistry treatments which anyonea€?s dentist could most likely provide.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure in which tooth colored composite resin materials are applied to the tooth surfaces . Dental resins are photo sensitive and harder when exposed to a special light . Bonding results in composite resin adhering to the tooth surface making it a strong and enduring bond to match your teeth. Various color resins and pigments are carefully intermixed, sculpted and polished so that bonded tooth looks completely natural.

Dental bonding repairs decayed teeth , repairs small chipped or cracked teeth and improves appearance of discolored teeth or makes cosmetic improvements. It closes minor gaps and spaces between teeth makes teeth, look longer changes the color and shape of teeth , lightens stains, corrects mild crooked teeth to a certain degree. This is a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings and protects a portion of the tootha€?s root that has been exposed when gums recede.

As a benefit when compared with other cosmetic dentistry techniques dental bonding can be relatively inexpensive and is usually complete in one visit a€? type of dental procedurea€? . another benefit is if dental bonding does chip or break it can usually easily be repaired , as a disadvantage dental bonding material has a tendency to stain as time passes in general isna€?t as durable a treatment as other cosmetic dental procedure

Closing the gap between the Teeth (Diastemas)

The options vary from partial to full cover crowns ( caps on the teeth ) with the most common being porcelain veneers ( a thin piece of porcelain on the front and sometimes side and biting surface of the teeth ) since braces treatment is long drawn out, people tend to avoid it . The veneers or crowns will get the results fast. However if the space is too large and if closed with composite results in teeth that are esthetically too wide and orthodontics is recommended.

Porcelain Veneer

It is a thin shell of porcelain that is bonded onto the front surface of a tooth to improve its cosmetic appearance . veneers are usually placed on the teeth in sets . this allows for a more even looking smile. However individual teeth can also be veneered but it is just a bit more difficult to match the teeth natural color.

Porcelain veneers show instant results as compared to braces which requires approx 2 years , veneers are called as instant braces compared to dental bondings. Porcelain veneers have a translucence and texture similar to natural enamel. They close gaps between teeth lengthens and reshape teeth . as a disadvantage , porcelain veneers are typically fairly expensive and if used in the wrong application can be prove to breaking unlike dental bonding , it usually cannot be repaired.

Gum Line Contouring

This is a good solution for those who have a very gummy smile . in this case the gum line could be irregular or perhaps too prominent. This causes teeth to appear too long or too short with a laser reshaping of the gum line can be done to create a beautiful natural looking smile.

All Porcelain Crown

Unlike porcelain veneers that only cover the front sides of teeth ,all porcelain crowns encase the entire aspect of a tooth which lies above the gum line. However porcelain crowns are stronger and more durable as compared to porcelain veneers but because making it involves trimming away of significant amount of tooth structure they usually arena€?t the best choice for making a cosmetic change for a tooth , unless the tooth also requires the cosmetic benefits the crown can provide.