Digital Technology

Intra-Oral Mouth Tour

Intraoral camera is a tiny video camera that looks like a pen and helps you in better understanding of your dental health

Let's you see what we see

A sterilized small probe shaped camera moved around in oral cavity will provide you with a tooth by tooth video examination of your teeth so that you can see your teeth enlarged on the computer screen in our treatment room – we can freeze and store the picture for records

This technique allows you to see problems such as worn out, defective filling, fractured teeth, decay , bleeding gums and plaque. Also we can discuss about the treatment planning with you for restoring your mouth to optimal health.

Digital Radiography / digital X-Ray

Digital x-ray have been around for many year and allows the dentist to see inside the tooth. the dentist, who takes an x- ray that appear on a computer screen next to patients chair, can then enlarge or colorize the tooth to enhance problem areas.

The new x ray , are safer than the old method because they emit upto 90 % less radiation. six images of teeth can be taken for the same amount of radiation exposure it takes to process one price of conventional film.

Patients no longer have to wait for the film to develop . the x- rays are easily printed duplicated and sent to insurance companies that demand them.

The technology improves efficiency and improves patient education.