Tooth Jewellery

Stunning jewellery ;healthy teeth skyce is putting an extra sparkle into more and more smiles. These tiny little designs are great fun and because there’s no drilling involved , they won’t harm your teeth.

Skyce is easy to apply . first a relative pattern is produced on the enamel using 37 % phosphoric acid . then skyce is bonded to the tooth with a transparent flowable composite. This composite penetrates into the retention niches on the back of skyce and into the etch pattern on the tooth .

Facts about Tooth Jewellery

skyce TM design available in two colors

1. crystal

2. sapphire blue

• No drilling so doesn’t harm teeth

• Easy to remove or change

• Doesn’t cost much

So what are you waiting for- Combine beauty and Health with one harmless process at MADAN's Multispeciality Dental Care Centre.