Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

primary teeth are as important as permanent teeth though they eventually fall out baby or primary teeth begin to erupt when the baby is about 6 months

a€¢ Help the child bite and chew food

a€¢ Make the child look more attractive

a€¢ Help the child speak correctly

a€¢ Save space for the child permanent teeth

a€¢ Guide the permanent teeth into place

Thata€?s why its necessary to take good care of childa€?s teeth.

Permanent Tooth

Sometimes around 6th or 7th birthday of your child, he or she will begin losing baby teeth and adult or permanent teeth will begin to move in . by the time your child is 13 years old , most of his or her permanent teeth will be in place . wisdom teeth or third molars , come in between age 17 and 21 . however , not everyone develops every wisdom tooth.

Caring for Permanent Teeth

Until your child is between 6 and 8 years old , you should continue to help him or her brush at least twice a day a€“ once in the morning and once before bed.


a€¢ Use a soft nylon toothbrush

a€¢ As soon as any two of your childa€?s teeth touch each other , floss the teeth.

a€¢ Talk to your childa€?s dentist or pediatrician to be sure he or she getting the right amount of fluoride

a common question everybodya€?s used a€? when should my child first see a dentist? short answer is a€? first visit by first birthdaya€?

a€¢ How to care for an infants or toddlera€?s mouth

a€¢ Appropriate use of fluoride for your child

a€¢ Ways to prevent oral and facial accidents and trauma

a€¢ Oral habits , including finger and thumb sucking

a€¢ Teething and developmental milestones

a€¢ Relationship between diet or oral health

After this first visit, the dentist will suggest a schedule of follow up visits.

Common Dental Procedure Include for Kids

a€¢ Fluoride application ( for prevention of tooth decay)

a€¢ Pit and fissure sealants ( for caries prevention by blocking deep pits and fissures of teeth )

a€¢ Fluoride fillings ( for correction of cavities in milk and permanent teeth )

a€¢ Orthodontic assessment ( for opinion from orthodontist whether your child needs braces ?

a€¢ Scaling and polishing of teeth ( for prevention of gum problems)

a€¢ Colored glittering fillings ( filling for kids )

a€¢ Habit breading appliance ( for correction of bad habits like thumb sucking , mouth breathing , tongue thrusting)

a€¢ Space maintainers ( to allow permanent tooth to erupt in place of milk tooth has shed off or extracted early )