Teeth Removal

Partially corrupt:-

Impacted teeth are the teeth which partially corrupt or fail to veept in the mouth. It is commonly seen in wisdom teeth as they are the last ones to crept and space is not sufficient in the bone to accommodate these teeth. These teeth may cause problems in jaw and adjacent teeth. They have to be extracted out which a highly skilful job is being performed by our maxillofacial surgeon.

The following 4 types of infections are commonly seen in patients depending on the relative position of the infected tooth.

Bone infection:-

• Vertical

• Horizontal

• angular

Soft tissue Impaction:-

The wisdom tooth is locked only in the soft tissues i.e. the gums. Food fabrics accumulate in this area and cause gum irritation. All impactions can be clearly seen only under the x-ray.

Removal of an impacted wisdom tooth:-

For this first an under local anesthesia incision given in the gums to completely open up the site of tooth impaction. Then the bone around the tooth which is locking it is removed and the tooth is extracted. The gums are sutured back. This procedure is mandatory only when these wisdom teeth start troubling you or upon your dentist’s recommendation.